Mobile-First Interactive Campaign Platform

Create your interactive campaign with insightful data to leverage your brand's upselling effort.

Why should you use Kanvas?

Social Networks is the first mobile necessity

Lead generations campaigns are 3 times more consumed on mobile

+1 Billion users interact with Instastory

Kanvas can generate lead generation campaigns by adapting the Instastory concept


Easy microsite builder to build digital branding

Collect insightful data in a fun way

Storytelling platform with user-friendly interface

Broad variety of use case

Use Case #1


One of the most engaging interactions can be started from a simple Quiz! Be creative, and make a fun one with Kanvas.

Try Quiz here!

Use Case #2


The use of digital forms in today's world has been expanding vastly. With Kanvas, you can make your own extraordinary forms, strengthen your unique persona, and be ahead of everyone else!

Try Form here!

Use Case #3


The stigma of a test is bad already, don't make it worse by making a boring online test with your usual go-to platforms. Now it's time to create an exciting test with Kanvas!

Try Test here!

Use Case #4

Traveling Book

Adding an actual location as your creative process of making a digital traveling book would definitely elevate the game!

Try Traveling Book here!

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